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Candy's Singing Workshop February 2008

For everyone who attended Candy's workshop, I think you'll agree it was a wonderful day. I couldn't believe how good we sounded:-) Thanks Candy.

What did we learn? A brief summary: (and this probably won't make much sense for those who didn't go)

  • Breathe deeply - shallow breaths are a waste of energy.

  • Posture is important when singing - stand like a puppet!

  • If you want to reach those high notes, bend your knees a little.

  • Move with the music - don't disconnect the head and the feet.

  • Remember that lyrics are important - and the way your sing the words reflects the meaning and the mood of the song.

  • Finally - never leave your shoes alone in an African village.

To see the photos go to:

(Photos are at the end of the album)

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