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July 2018 Summer Course - Public Speaking

Take the Stage - A Public Speaking Course

¡Ultimas plazas!

Our intensive course this year July aims to provide you with that extra boost of confidence when giving presentations. Whether it's informal talks at work or speaking in front of large audiences, the classes will help you improve your ability to put your message across effectively.

What we'll be doing...
Our drama activities, ice-breakers and theatre exercises will set the scene for a dynamic class in which you'll be the protagonist! We'll be working on the following areas:
  • Good First Impressions - how to get your audience's attention and keep it
  • Positive Body Language - looking confident, posture, eye contact, gestures and dealing with your tics
  • Vocal Variety - how to deliver a line, focus on pronunciation, stress and intonation
  • Make your audience laugh - learn how to add humour to your presentation
  • How to Read a Crowd - dealing with the unforeseen, asking and answering questions
  • Preparing for a Presentation - warming up, relaxation and rehearsing
  • Practise, Practise, Practise - how to learn your lines

The final test? Take the Stage

During the course we'll be using scripts and comedy monologues to practise your public speaking skills. You'll be working with other like-minded students who want to acheive the same goal as you. On the last day of the course, you'll perform in front of a live audience giving you the opportunity to put your speaking skills to the test.

More information

The course will be held over two weeks in July:
Monday 2nd, Tuesday 3rd, Wednesday 4th July
Monday 9th, Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th and  Saturday 14th of July

Afternoon / evening from 18h30   
Total hours: 18
Classes last 2.5 hours with a break.

Plaza Matute 5, (a 8 minutos de Sol) (classes)
Sala La Madrilera, Calle Don Felipe 9, Metro: Tribunal (performance)

150€  or a 2 for 1 promotion for all current students or if a current student brings a friend or colleague the student can get a 50% discount.

To reserve your place, send us an e-mail and let us know which dates in July work best for you.  On reserving your place you will pay a (non-refundable) 50€ deposit. This is to guarantee numbers on our course. There will be a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 12 people.

And remember to contact us if you want information about our regular theatre courses in English:

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