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Acting tips from Acting Impact

Acting tips from Acting Impact

If you find yourself speaking in public or acting on stage, these helpful tips will guide you and hopefully make you feel less nervous. 

What to do with your hands when acting on stage
  • Know your character.  Your gestures should be natural and fit with your character.
  • Don't mime every word with your hands.
  • The best gestures are solid, clear, 1 arm gestures.
  • Find a comfortable resting position for your hands when not speaking (don't only keep them stuck to your sides).
  • Where you put your hands tells a lot about how your character is feeling  (Hands in pockets  = relaxed/casual or hands crossed in front of you = defensive).
Where to look when speaking in public
  • Avoid darting your eyes around the stage or looking down.
  • For each phrase you say, focus on one person in the audience.  If the phrase is quite long,         you can look at one person for the beginning and then look at someone else for the rest.
  • Avoid eye tennis (looking back and forth from left to right with each phrase).
  • When using cue cards, keep your eyes up at the end of your sentences.
  • If you have to read a cue card, take a pause to read the card and then look up while speaking. 

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