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Theatre Classes during Interesting Times!

Spring 2020 has shaken up so many things--being social, how we learn, and how we take care of ourselves!

Acting Impact is currently offering its classes online.  Each week we upload some exercises and materials to an online folder and then meet on Zoom for a "face to face" class filled with acting exercises, scene study, improvisation games and some singing and dancing. 

We are currently rehearsing and preparing an original show about Fusion Remakes! Students have made creative contributions and have been part of the script writing process.  This one-hour comedy experience will explore what would happen if The Addams Family performed Back to the Future or if The Simpsons performed Downton Abbey.  As soon as we can reserve a theatre and perform for an audience, we'll post details here.

We look forward to seeing everyone again once we can go back into the classroom.  And we hope to have trial classes for new students at the beginning of next term.

Thanks for your support!

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