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Digital Shows and Levels

There are 6 different shows to choose from spanning all stages of Primary Education. The language level for each show equates to Cambridge Exams for Starters, Movers and Flyers. However, depending on the level of your pupils' English, you may want to choose a higher or lower level. For Infants,  (4 - 5 years) there is a specially adapted Resource Pack for the Lenny the Lazy Boy  show. 


Lenny the Lazy Boy

Ages: 5 to 7 years

Language Level: Pre – A1 Starters

Show description: Lenny never helps at home so Granny (and the witch) teach him a lesson he won’t forget!


Language & Themes: greetings, clothes, parts of the body, animals, routines

Inquiry-based learning: How can we help at home?

Primary 2

Peggy the Pig

Ages: 6 to 8 years

Language Level:  A1 Starters

Show description: Peggy the Pig refuses to see her future as a sausage, bacon or ham sandwich. Instead, she decides to travel the world to learn to sing, dance and act!


Language & Themes: can, want, going on holiday, greetings, transport, identifying elements of different cultures

Inquiry-based learning: What can we learn when we travel?

Primary 3

The School Detective

Ages: 7 to 9 years

Language Level: Pre – A1 Movers

Show description: If you have a problem at your school, you can call the School Detective. He will solve any mystery with his creative solutions!


Language & Themes: Telling the time, days and months of the year, apologising, making simple excuses, describing people and animals

Inquiry-based learning: How do we solve mysteries?

Primary 4

The Worst Job in Town

Ages: 8 to 10 years

Language Level: A1 Movers - A2 Flyers

Show description: Set in Medieval times, Matilda is a servant to Prince Gilbert. She thinks she has the worst job in town until Prince Gilbert challenges her to find someone with a worse job than hers!


Language & Themes: greetings, daily routines, comparatives and superlatives, describing and identifying jobs, comparing jobs of the past and present.

Inquiry-based learning: What were jobs like in the past?

Primary 5

The Gold Show

Ages: 10+ years

Language Level: Pre - A2 Flyers

Show description: When Uncle Ernest invents a time-machine, he can travel to any place and time period he wants. He visits California, Ancient Egypt and a 16th century pirate ship. The only problem: he needs to find gold to keep the machine working.


Language & Themes: identifying different places, describing the date and year, responding to Wh- questions, describing what you are doing, responding to simple questions in the past tense

Inquiry-based learning: What do we learn through travelling in time?

Primary 6

Mr. Popular

Ages: 11+ years

Language Level: A2 Flyers

Show description: Max is not popular at school, so he and his best friend, Maybie, come up with a plan to change that. However, Max soon discovers that being Mr Popular just brings him more problems.


Language & Themes: describing personal appearance, talking about future plans with ‘going to’, describing food and following cooking instructions, asking and answering questions about interests and hobbies

Inquiry-based learning: How can you be your best self?

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