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Performance Success!

For us at Acting Impact, a successful performance means that the audience and the actors had fun during the show. Live theatre is an exchange of energy between the audience and the actors--when the show is entertaining, the audience will laugh and this positive energy then helps the actors relax and do a better job.

You can also judge the success of a show by going backstage both before and after the performance. Seeing the actors nervously peek through the curtains or make last minute adjustments to their costumes and make-up tells us that they're ready. You want to have some nervous butterflies in your stomach before going on stage. If you're too relaxed you might forget a line or not be 100% paying attention and listening on stage.

After the show, we love to see the actors congratulating each other and celebrating each other's best moments. Forgotten lines or minor mistakes aren't important--supporting each other, helping each other and feeling part of a team are what make performing on stage so special.

A huge thank you to all of our 80+ actors who performed in Madrid during the last 2 weeks and a thank you to the more than 400 people who came to see our performances. We look forward to seeing you again in June for our Spring shows.

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